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Friday, May 7, 2010

Promo Recap Index & Numbering System (Updated 5/5)

Because I love nothing more than classifying things, I'm going to start assigning numbers to the promos so we know what we're talking about.

Promo 1: Theme: "Whitford. Hanks. Mustache."
1A: 45-second version, recapped here.
1B: 30-second version, recapped here (ignore the parts in brackets).
1C: 20-second version, recapped here.
1D: 1A with different graphics. See here for details.
1E: 10-second version with some video from Promo 2. Recapped here
1F: Same as 1B but with the later-style graphics.

Promo 2: Theme: "Detective Dan Stark has a nose for crime."
2A: Recapped here.
2B: Shorter version with some new footage; recapped here.
2C: New footage, including Diana Maria Riva! Recapped here.

Promo 3: Theme: "There's a lot of bad guys out there."
3A: 20-second version, recapped here.

Promo 4: Theme: "This is a warning to all punks."
4A: Recapped here.
4B: Recapped here.

Promo 5: Theme: "FOX and the creator of Burn Notice are gonna kick some badge."
15 seconds, recapped here.

Promo 6: Theme: "This May, get ready to kick some badge."
10 seconds, recapped here.

Promo 7: "Rules of the Badge #6"
10 seconds, recapped here.

Promo 8: "Rules of the Badge #12"
15 seconds, recapped here.

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