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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Excessively Long Recap of #TheGoodGuys Promo

More details than you could possibly want, after the jump.

You asked for a blow-by-blow of the promo, and I live to serve. The scene breaks as listed below are somewhat random - a case could be made for lots of them being in different places. I was just trying to make it easier to read. I've seen two versions of the promo so far; bits that do not appear in the short version are in [brackets].

Scene 1: Voiceover by Dan Stark (Bradley Whitford): "There are no small crimes, college boy, only small cops." The camera begins with a quick shot of the South Side of Dallas, then Jack Bailey (Colin Hanks) in a car wearing a suit and shades, then Dan getting out of bed (brown sock, boxers, white t-shirt), walking past a shrine to his glory days (pictures, medals, press clippings along with gun, badge, and shades), and then combing his mustache in a mirror.

Scene 2: Jack (in a different suit - a light one this time) and Dan (much more casual; dark leather jacket) have a confrontation in the street. "It's just a thrift store and a stolen humidifier!" Jack protests. And . . . some sort of explosion or gunfire blows out the front windows of the thrift store and they throw themselves to the ground.

Scene 3: (Seemingly unconnected) shot of Evil Vaguely Russian Dude shooting, then back to Jack and Dan ducking behind a car and pulling their guns. Freeze on Dan. Voiceover says "Whitford" as the word appears on the screen; he's outlined and in color while the rest of the shot is black and white. Shot of Jack with similar freeze/voiceover thing: "Hanks." Shot of Dan breaking into somewhere with gun drawn, then freeze/voiceover thing: "Mustache."

Scene 4: Dan, now in a suit jacket and tie, stretched out in a car; he says "We could be dealing with some major criminals" as the video jumps to some criminal-like guys (possibly including Evil Vaguely Russian Dude). Jack on the phone at a desk: "That is a bold theory." He's looking rather dapper in a white shirt and tie, by the way. I hadn't realized until this promo just how pretty Colin Hanks is.

[Scene 5: Jack and Dan in what looks like a house. Dan (in possibly a different suit jacket - velour? Vaguely shiny, anyway) shoots a golf bag, which tips over to allow money to spill out. (Jack ducks.) Dan: "Well, look at that." Oh, the smugness.]

Scene 6: Oh, I should have said that there was soft background music throughout much of that. Well, there was. Now the music gets louder; the chorus of Foghat's "Slow Ride" begins [as the words "this MAY" appear on the screen over a red and orange on white design that looks like . . . a road? Maybe? Similar in shape to the gray lines in the background of the logo]. "Slow ride, take it easy, slow ride, take it easy," ad infinitum.

[Scene 7: Evil Vaguely Russian Dude on the phone: "Give me the golf bag or I must kill you." Cut to Dan on the other end of the phone, eating cereal and looking hilariously alarmed. Back to Evil Vaguely Russian Dude pulling guns. Man, this jumps around a lot.] Dan! Explosion! More explosions!

Scene 8: More words over the red/orange/white background: "meet the new BRAND." Jack and Dan in a store, I think. Jack: "Where's your gun?" in this wonderful teasing, slightly bitter voice. Dan throwing someone up against the wall in a fancy apartment. Someone leaping from one moving car to another.

Scene 9: More words: "of LAW & DISORDER." Dan voiceover: "Police! Drop it!" Back to the store, another vaguely Eastern European bad guy (this one has a beard!) against a counter with his hands up. Dan has what looks like an orange squirt gun to the back of Bearded Bad Guy's head. Bearded Bad Guy: "That's a toy." Dan: "It's not a toy. It's an orange gun." Hee. Cracks me up every time. (Dan's jacket in this scene, for those playing along at home, has awesome suede elbow patches. I'm not sure if it's a different jacket or if we just were at the wrong angle to see the patches before.)

[Scene 10: More words over the red/orange/white background, along with music, sirens, and a voiceover, all at once: "they solve SMALL CRIMES, BIG TIME."]

[Scene 11: Jack, back in a full suit that looks really good on him, bursts into an apartment (?) with a gun in each hand and shoots a lot. He's squinting. Poor baby. Cut to Evil Vaguely Russian Dude, also holding two guns (and wearing a suit, over a red shirt, no tie), looking vaguely bemused as bullets fly around him but don't actually hit him. Jack: "Not even one?" He looks so hurt and amazed. Evil Vaguely Russian Dude shrugs: "It's not as easy as it looks." Jack swallows hard. Evil Vaguely Russian Dude prepares to shoot him.]

Scene 12: Cut to a version of the logo with just the red outline (which says Dallas Texas Police Department) and star, with the words "The Good Guys" and "New Series" superimposed on top. Voiceover: "The Good Guys. Coming this May to FOX."

Whew. Enough details for you? I can't imagine you have any questions after all that, but if you do, fire away. In the meantime, a few thoughts I inadvertently left out of my original review, or just felt the need to reiterate:

1. Yes, I realize I went a little crazy with the jacket/suit details here. But what can I say? Awesome wardrobe. And I really like guys in suits. I'm now contemplating whether I tend to watch shows because they have guys in suits. Hm. Perhaps we shall have an ongoing Guys in Suits feature here.

2. One reason why I'm excited about this show is that I think Whitford is much better at physical comedy than a lot of people necessarily realize, and he'll have a chance to explore that fully here. In the promo, he's constantly throwing himself around and barging into places, and he does it very well.

3. The more I watch this, the more excited I get about the chemistry between Whitford and Hanks. I haven't seen Hanks in anything else, I don't think, but Whitford is generally at his finest when he's acting with/against another guy. The age difference and the supposedly antagonistic relationship between the characters concerned me at first, but from what we've seen so far, it looks like their interaction is perfect. Also: These are two very attractive men. In case you hadn't noticed. (And the 'shippers will appear in 3... 2... 1...)

4. I love the use of "Slow Ride." (I haven't heard whether it's going to be used on the actual show, but here's hoping.) After all, here's Whitford on the pilot script: "The moment I read it, I said what anybody has to say after they read it. It's the first word that pops into your head: Foghat."

5. Again: I understand why Jenny Wade and Diana Maria Riva aren't in the promo, but I can't wait to see how they add to this whole joyful mass of wit and explosions.

(Edited to fix a dumb mishearing of a line. Thanks, anonymous!)


  1. Thanks for the detailed summary! Sounds like there is a fair amount of humour and more in a sense of taking the piss rather than straight comedy.

    I agree with you about Brad and physical comedy. Any one who saw him on stage in Boeing Boeing, knows how good he is at this stuff. Makes me think of his comment at stage door about linament and painkillers.

    Kathy ...my LJ profile is being rejected:(

  2. YAY!!! THANK YOU!!!!

    I am soooooooo massively excited for this show!! (if you can't tell that already by the caps and the !!!)

    And anyone who was lucky enough to see Brad Whitford in Boeing Boeing can attest to the fact that the man does physical comedy in spades.

    Thanks again!
    Linz/coloneljack - it won't accept my lj profile log in.

  3. What a great blow b y blow.. I could ALMOST see it in my head... Not quite..BUT ALMOST! Still would love to see the real thing however....Also loved the music..think it's perfect ..

  4. Hope you enjoy watching the show as much as we have had filming it.
    - KE

  5. Thanks so much for the recap. I love Bradley Whitford doing physical comedy - remember when Josh fell over wearing the new shoes his mother sent him in the Stackhouse Fillibuster? I also have fond memories of him doing the splits in Boeing Boeing. His whole performance was definitley worth travelling from the UK to see.